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Excel Performance Indoor Cycling is a culmination of human performance science, music theory, cycling technique, and most importantly, the psychology of achievement. Run on Keiser M3i Indoor Cycling bikes, our classes are governed by cadence, power output, heart rate, sound cycling bio mechanics, and most importantly motivation through guided imagery, visualization, inspiring music and an empowering format, all aimed at helping our riders achieve their performance, health, and fitness goals in a unique setting within the walls of the Excel High Performance Training Center. Located inside Richmond Sports and Fitness, 2251 Number 5 Road, Richmond, BC, EPIC offers classes ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced riders in 60 minute sessions. Instructors have all been certified in Cycle Reebok and the Excel Performance Indoor Cycling Certification, are certified personal trainers through ACE, the NSCA, and the BCRPA and/or performance coaches.

5 Reasons to Take an Indoor Cycling class Found in the January/ February 2018 issue of Bicycling


1. "You don't have to think about your intervals. You have someone prescribing them for you and encouraging you to do them!" -Selene Yeager


2. "It fuels your competitive spirit when you can look up and see how hard everyone else is riding." Colin McSherry, senior art director


3. "I could ride a lot smoother at higher cadences once I was back on the road." -Katie Fogel, assistant digital editor


4. "You can ride until you can't- because you'll never get too far from home." -Jen Sherry, managing editor


5."Because you set your own resistance, it's a great way to ride with friends who are faster or slower than you." -Emily Furia, deputy editor

                              Give us a call and book your class today!

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