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Athletic Development

   It is our mission to garner practices, equipment and programs that are science based and effective. Our end result is always that of the advancement in human performance. From Olympic and World Champions to those just starting out in the world of competitive sport or your recreational weekend warrior, we have something for everyone! Our Athletic Development Program (ADP) is focused on building the complete athlete, we put our all into everyone we train. Your best is what our best is dedicated to.



Here at Excel Fitness we create individual programs for each athlete regardless of Group Training team training or personal training. Our commitment is to develop the best out of each athlete that walks through our doors. Give us your time and effort and we will give you results!



Functional Movement Screen Assess needs/explore weakness/Set goals


Phase 1 Develop Basic Mechanics, Injury prevention and Basic Hypertrophy

Phase 2 Maximize Base Strength/Introduce Explosive Lifting Vertimax and Keiser Watt Power program

Phase 3 Maximize Sport Specific Speed, agility, power and game readiness. Leave ready to Dominate!

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